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3FX "We would like to say thank you very much because your team rocks - and that is one fine piece of 3D medical animation!"
- Director of Client Services, Visual-A

"It has been my pleasure to work with you once again this year. Thanks for your hard work and professionalism but, most of all your friendship and kindness over the year."
- Vice President, New Media and Business Operations, Visual-A

"Thank you for your help with the Celiac Disease illustration (May cover of Contemporary Pediatrics). Everyone is really pleased. Based on that experience, I have another cover assignment for a sister publication."
- Contemporary OB/GYN - Group Art Director, Advanstar Communications

"In short, I couldn't say enough good things about 3FX. I'm incredibly happy with the work we've done with them. I'm happy to talk to you in more detail about how pleased I am if you'd like."
- International Business Leader - Roche

"You really are the man. Thank you so much. Great work! We have a lot's more on the horizon."
- President & CEO - Medical Device Company

"We have had the distinct pleasure of working with 3FX several times over the past few years and look forward to working with 3FX again. 3FX scientific animation is simply unparalleled. We have used other vendors, but never have had results that were even close to 3FX. Their animations are always correct, sophisticated and elegantly nuanced. I would not even consider hiring another 3D animation house - great results, expert, creative."
- Global Learning, Pfizer

"Congratulations! 3FX should be proud to take a major part of the credit for the success of our educational animation. Our audience is asking for copies for increased distribution for training as well. This project is a big hit, and I continue to recommend 3FX to anyone in need of 3D animation services."
- New Product Marketing, Pfizer

"We are really happy with the deliverable Mechanism of Action (MOA) module 3FX produced for us. It was certainly a pleasure to work with your team. Great work, we loved it!" - Project Manager, MBC

"Not only have I personally completed MOA projects with 3FX, but my peers have done several as well. We are all very happy with both the work and people at 3FX." - Oncology Team, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

"Your production process for my MOA animation was very thorough. I enjoyed working with your team and will be utilizing 3FX for future projects."
- Product Manager, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals

"Many thanks to 3FX for making both our agency and client look good. The product demonstration animation you created added real impact to our trade show video presentation. Our client, who is not easy to please, loved the 3FX deliverable animation."
- Principal, Halperin Creative

"Thank you guys so much for taking the time out to come by this morning and sharing your full capabilities with us. We have only heard amazing things about your company, and that has been solidified with the great REGRANEX MOA work you are producing for us; as well as the amazing cutting edge display technology solutions you guys are doing." - Account Executive, Lawrence & Co.

"By the way, the feedback we received on the 2 animations you did for us has been overwhelmingly positive - thanks 3FX for all your effort."
- Account Director, Quintiles Medical Communications

"I just wanted to share with the broader team some of the very positive feedback that our team has received. This was outstanding work by your team. Congratulations to all, and thank you for an outstanding job. I think that efforts like these will continue to demonstrate your leadership, and further reinforce a strong partnership with our corporate colleagues, as we build our franchise in the U.S. Thanks again for all of your hard work - it has certainly been recognized!"
- International Product Manager, Roche

"Congratulations - 3FX Holographic Animation is awesome!" - Director of Digital Communication

"We are truly grateful to work with such a talented and amazing group! Thank you for continually being creative and always making us feel like a priority. Your work truly makes us all look great and our clients are lucky to have such a stellar team behind its' projects." - Sr. Account Manager, Dudnyk

"I do plan to work more with 3FX in the future. I found the quality of your work to be outstanding, and very customer focused. Your team is professional and went out of your way to meet our needs and make changes.

I was impressed with your knowledge of our disease state, and you demonstrated a clear understanding of both our market and disease state. 3FX had a strong science contribution and met every deadline ahead of schedule.

Our team thinks it's important to have consistency in an area like this, so that the look and feel of the videos stays consistent for our audiences. We share some common disease states with other brands, and it makes perfect sense that this is an advantage working with 3FX.

So my plan is to work with 3FX again in the future, so let's as a team look at whatever options need to be taken to establish 3FX other brands."
- International Business Leader, Roche

"I wanted to formally thank 3FX for your process, patience and professionalism. Our client's trade show went like clockwork, and the client was very pleased. Had it not been for the creativity and animation, the booth presentation would have been lackluster at best. It has been our pleasure working with you, and we look forward to doing many more projects with 3FX."
- Creative Director, VERGE 180

"Please share with your team how fantastic the video came out for ABT-806 – I saw in action, at the ASCO booth, and it was clear, dynamic, and engaging. Importantly, it fit well within the overall client platform but had a distinct look and feel. I want you to know that I have recommended 3FX to a number of colleagues in other companies that I know have not had such a good experience with their MOA animation partners. Please share this with entire team." - SVP, Branding/Strategic Director

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