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Video Solution / Eisai-Morphotek / Centron, NY


Working in collaboration with CENTRON,  to produce a Marketing Communications Announcement video for EISAI, which had recently acquired MORPHOTEK's monoclonal antibody technology.  MORPHOTEK had developed proprietary techniques for the production of monoclonal antibodies through B-cell/myeloma fusion and hybridoma selection.  Our key brief was to couch the scientific message in a visual context that fostered a sense of wonder, and highlighted the therapeutic significance of this groundbreaking innovation.


Rather than produce abstract illustrations of the scientific concepts involved, we decided to present the technology in terms of human immediacy, emphasizing its real-world applicability. Accordingly, we used a composite of green-screen footage and CGI, enabling a live host to guide audiences through a virtual laboratory setting and interact with computer-generated elements representing various cellular and molecular components of MORPHOTEK's protocol.  3D Camera tracking and compositing were used to seamlessly integrate the actor with the virtual environment and objects.  

Viewers encounter vivid visualizations of cellular interactions and processes, all being described and directed by the host.

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