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A new technology that is changing the way visuals are displayed and viewed!

Diffusion Screens include a line of lightweight rear-projection glass, acrylic and diffusion films that can be placed virtually anywhere you need to attract and engage viewers.

This technology is not the same as a traditional screen. The screen technology controls the light path and distributes bright, sharp images into a predefined viewing zone.

Diffusion screen technology performs so well in high ambient light, the applications are endless. Large video/PC monitors, Video walls, Advertising screens, POS & POP displays, Cinema screens, Information Displays, Window displays, Interactive screens, etc.

Possible Uses and Benefits:

Digital Signage | Retail Displays | Corporate & Commercial AV | Exhibitions | Interactive Training | Storefront Glass Home Theater | Outdoor Projection

Benefits include:
10x the brightness of conventional screens. Superior contrast and resolution.
Wide viewing angle with no critical angle of projection. Greater performance in high ambient light.

Diagonal (16:9) sizes available: 40", 60", 67", 80", 92", 120", 130"
Custom sizes and shapes available upon request.

3FX can provide information regarding the full line of diffusion screen technologies.

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