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A unique and compelling display technology, designed to present detailed 3D medical content as free floating elements. One of those "how do they do that" display mediums.

3D Stage Holography

Imagine your large group presentation being seen interacting on stage - as 3D information and objects, with no visible screen. Creating a dramatic effect, this medium surely holds the attention of the audience.

Above: 3FX produced full "3D Stage" Holographic projection for a national sales force product launch meeting, inclusive of 3D animation and graphic content. The Holographic visual messaging supported the importance of clinical impact within a new CNS drug class for the audience. Holographic imagery and video, which included virtual actors, interacted seamlessly with the live presenters on stage.

Portable Holography

3FX offers simple and effective "plug-n-play" holographic display units in 2' and 4' widths, each offering 270° viewing. Excellent eye-catching display within exhibit booths, or wherever you need to make an impression.

Holographic animation conveys the heart of your story in a lucid, compelling and extremely impactful manner. Simultaneously, HD flat-screen animation will present the overall cellular environment and processes, enhancing the key messaging and reinforcing information retention. The visuals will quite literally leap out of the screen, clearly depicting medical content within the cellular environment, while highlighting the contributions of various key characters at the molecular level.

Below: 3FX can also customize your holographic display unit to best convey your science message as well as conform to your product's branding or booth exhibit design, as shown in this 3D mockup for a recent project.

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