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3FX can guide you through the design, production, and programming of intuitive interactive Apps. Integrated as part of educational and marketing initiatives, an App can be infinitely updatable; following the drug life-span from development through approval, marketing, and beyond. Accessibility to the App can be controlled as needed for both private and public use.

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The following is a simple breakdown of the steps involved in building a Visual Resource App:

Phase 1: Discovery
In this initial phase we work with clients to review all aspects of the project, including the scope of work, timeline, sitemap, content descriptions and availabilities, and creative planning from both a content and visual perspective.

Phase 2: Asset Gathering
3FX Visual Resource Apps provide immediate access to all critical information in a single, intuitive, visually rich, self-contained application. Deciding what will be contained within the app is a key process to determining the overall scope and size of the app. Much of this information may already exist, such as: MOA or disease state videos, product branding and marketing visuals, clinical studies & data, safety & efficacy data, KOL videos, fair balance information, product specific inserts, etc. - whatever you may need to educate your target audience.

Phase 3: Visual Design Development
The goal of this phase is to develop one overall visual look and feel for the app. Using both existing and planned content, 3FX will evaluate and design the visual usage within the overall app structure. This will determine which elements will be animated, what needs to be re-created, and what can be used "as is."

Phase 4: Asset Creation
Once the content and visual style has been determined and approved, certain elements may require 2D/3D animation. Some elements may be used directly from the client, while others, such as charts & graphs, may need to be re-created for animation. As 3D science animation such as MOAs or Disease education requires a longer production timefrarrie, they will be handled as a separate component.

Phase 5: Interface Architecture Development
An "app-map" that captures the interactive flow will be produced, showing all the individual pages and any animation or other visuals contained within each page of the application. This will incorporate the actual design and layout of the planned pages, providing an initial view of the entire app.

Phase 6: Interactive GUI Coding Development
Once the design & interface is approved, we move into the build phase. Coding and programming will incorporate the information and animation into an interactive structure. Functional transitions that move between major areas within the application will also be developed.

Phase 7: Distribution/Deployment
Upon build approval, we work with clients to determine the best way to deploy the application.

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