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"Today's digital technology allows access to huge amounts of data, but until recently, review and dissemination has been a single-user, single-touch endeavor.

New multi-touch surface displays provide intuitive multi-user interfaces, allowing several viewers to interact and connect within a "socially collaborative" environment. This technology offers an ideal experience for presenting, sharing, and consuming information, while increasing productivity and educational opportunities."
 -Interactive Creative Director

A New Technology Allowing For True Multi-user Interaction in the Form of Tables & Walls!

3FX designs interactive multi-touch experiences and content – in the form of tables &/or walls, for clients within the healthcare marketplace. Our multi-touch platform encompasses application design & development, hardware integration, and dynamic scientific visualization & animation of simple or complex medical processes.

Multi-touch surfaces create intuitive user interfaces, allowing viewers to interact and connect with the intended message - within a "socially collaborative" environment.

Ideum Multi-Touch Table Displays

Interactive content can be virtually anything – i.e. MOD/MOA animation, device & delivery systems, branding, KOL video, still imagery, .pdf data, charts & graphs, text, ISI, etc.

Standard Display Configurations:

PLATFORM - 55” LED LCD touch table
that comes with
an integrated solid-state PC,
full HD resolution,
and 32+ touchpoints

PRO - 55” LED LCD touch table
with a powerful HP tower,
full HD resolution, integrated UPS.
and Yamaha audio system.

Ideum Multi-Touch Table Displays

The Ideum Pesenter is a massive 65” LED LCD, HD resolution with an integrated i7 computer for amazing graphic performance.

The integrated touch sensor supports 32+ simultaneous touch points and performs flawlessly in nearly any lighting situation – mounted either horizontally or vertically.

The 2” thin Presenter is protected by hardened tempered glass, a vandal- proof lightweight aluminum shell and locked access to input and output ports.

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