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3FX pioneered 3D medical animation and continues to spearhead innovation in the industry of visual storytelling through digital solutions.

No company or project is too big or small for our expert team.

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Patient/Character Demo Reel

For over 28 years, 3FX has been a strategic partner to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, and healthcare agencies worldwide to produce Mechanism of Action (MOA), Mechanism of Disease (MOD), 3D animation videos, and other scientific visual content utilized for health care professional (HCP) education, patient education, sales training, investor relations, and more.


3FX has a knowledgeable and experienced in-house team, focused on innovative, scientifically accurate medical animation and visual communication solutions for our clients.

The innovative 3FX team consists of experienced and knowledgeable specialists including project managers, medical writers and researchers, molecular biologists, certified medical illustrators, designers, medical animators, creative editors, music and sound designers and media specialists.

The combined efforts of our talented, forward thinking team results in the design and development of engaging, educational medical animations and creative visual content required to facilitate key messaging and brand retention.

We provide full end-to-end service from script-writing and storyboard to the full final delivery. Every project is assigned a dedicated team consisting of a science director, science writer, project manager, and lead animator certified in medical illustration. Our process set the standard for 3D animation production within the industry, and our experience translates into efficiency for our clients.

3FX’s award-winning expertise provides scientifically accurate, engaging content for all types of digital, interactive, and print media.


Scientific and Medical Content Creation

3FX creatively develops MOD/MOA medical animation solutions for healthcare communication content requirements focused on the education and marketing of complex disease states, treatment processes, research technology platforms, and medical device procedures.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) bridge the digital and physical universes. AR/VR increases engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience. Research has shown that AR/VR increases the perceived value of products and brands

Custom designed visuals are developed using various animation data elements. 3FX produces 3D medical illustrations for a variety of visual communication media – industry magazine covers, product marketing materials, and specific branding requirements.

3FX pharmaceutical trade show booth visual presentations strike the correct balance between education, marketing, and science. Using cutting edge media display technology, 3FX delivers the WOW factor to drive booth traffic and foster content engagement.


3FX developed medical communication interactives are clickable or touchable educational visuals. In terms of 3D medical animations and illustrations, our interactives come in the form of touchscreens, apps, or clickable web-based HTML videos and stills.


As your trusted partner in science visualization, our team consists of experienced medical experts involved in every facet of your medical media design. With 28 years of specialized 3D medical animation and digital media experience, we can ensure that you receive high-quality medical videos or graphics to meet your specific needs.


Check out our Recent Work For our Amazing Clients

International Product Manager

I do plan to work more with 3FX in the future. I found the quality of your work to be outstanding, and very customer focused. Your team is professional and went out of your way to meet out needs and make changes.

I was impressed with your knowledge of our disease state, and you demonstrated a clear understanding of both our market and disease state. 3FX had a strong science contribution and met every deadline ahead of schedule.

Our team thinks it’s important to have consistency in an area like this, so that the look and feel of the video stays consistent for our audiences. We share some common disease states with other brads and it makes perfect sense that this is an advantage working for 3FX.

SVP, Branding/ Strategic Director

Please share with your team how fantastic the video came out. I saw in action, at the ASCO booth, and it was clear, dynamic and engaging. Importantly, it fit well within the overall client platform but had a distinct look and feel. I want you to know that I have recommended 3FX to a number of colleagues in other companies that I know have not had such a good experience with their MOA animation partners. Please share this with the entire team.

Director of Medical Affairs, Oncology

Not only have I personally completed MOA projects with 3FX, but my peers have done several as well. We are all very happy with both the work and the people at 3FX.

Global Learning

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with 3FX several times over the past few years and look forward to working with 3FX again. 3FX scientific animation is simply unparalleled. We have used other vendors but never have had results that were even close to 3FX. Their animations are always correct, sophisticationed and elegantly nuanced. I would never consider hiring another 3D animation house- great results, expert, creativity.

Product Manager

Your production process for my MOA animation was very thorough. I enjoyed working with your team and will be utilizing 3FX for future projects.

Advanstar Communications
Contemporary OB/GYN- Group Art Director

Thank you for your help with the Celiac Diseas illustration (May cover of Contemporary Pediatrics). Everyone is really pleased. Based on that experience, I have another cover assignment for a sister publication.

Sr. Account Manager

We are truly grateful to work with such a talented and amazing group! Thank you for continually being creative and always making us feel like a priority. Your work truly makes us look great and our clients are lucky to have such a stellar team behind its’ projects.

Halperin Creative

Many thanks to 3FX for making both our agency and client look good. The product demonstration animation you created added real impact to our trade show video presentation. Our client, who is not easy to please, loved the 3FX deliverable animation.

Verge 180
Creative Director

I wanted to formally thank 3FX for your process, patience and professionalism. Our client’s trade show went like clockwork, and the client was very pleased. Had it not been for the creativity and animation, the booth presentation would have been lack luster at best. It has been our pleasure working with you and look forward to doing more projects with 3FX.


Let me say my experience in working with three FX was amazing. Everybody there is so talented and and there’s so willing to to to make sure that the the clients needs are met. And I think that’s really important now business you’ve got to put the client 1st and it was just a great pleasure to see the eyes of our client light up when we when they saw that that final version of the of the mechanism of action video.

Visual- A
VICE PRESIDENT, New Media and Business Operation

It has been my pleasure to work with you once again this tear. Thanks for your hard work and professionalism, but most of all your friendship and kindness over the year.

3FX Project Planning Considerations

Prior to the creation of any 3D medical animation project, 3FX recommends that all clients consider the following project considerations. This thought process is a key element for all parties to mutually understand the intended goals, key messages, and budget requirements for a specific 3D animation project.

Where and how will the initial project be viewed? Congress or event, sales representative training or physician meeting, etc.? This will assist in determining the final media and display format. If for use at a congress, we may need booth specs and display system information.

What is the main purpose of the project? To educate peer groups, internal communication, sales representative education & training, investor relations, external marketing?

Who will the primary target audience be? Specialists, Physicians, Patients, Sales Reps, Investors, others?

Length of intended script? (3FX Tip: The average attention span and typical target length is 3 minutes.) Will a script or content outline be provided or will 3FX be required to develop?

What is the target completion date, or first utilization date for the project?

Is there is a preset budget or budgetary range for the project?

Will 3FX be providing storyboards, narration record, custom music & sound effects? Will live action video production be incorporated?

Are there established guidelines for Medical/Legal/Regulatory review? What is the duration for review and approval?

Who will make-up the project team? Will 3FX have access to the scientific research team? This is important if scientific accuracy is to be maintained.

Are there possible additional uses for the original project i.e., website content, physician/ patient version, high-resolution marketing imagery, interactive exhibits/ experiences, AR, VR etc.

Download our Project Planning Guide