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Scientific Medical Illustration Company

3FX medical illustration designs custom medical images using full 3D technology.

Our medical artists and medical illustrators have produced 3D illustrations for a variety of scientific print and digital media, including industry journal covers, brochures, poster presentations, lenticular cards, product marketing materials, websites, social media, and other specific branding components.

Journal Covers

3FX medical illustration services include creating digital medical illustrations and scientific illustrations for editorials. Our medical artists on staff use their expertise in the life sciences and creativity to come up with imagery to conceptualize any complex science story. After identifying your audience and message the team works toward an impressionable visual that will represent your cover story with a bang.



3FX can design brochures for both digital platforms and print. A digital brochure can have both medical illustration and animation embedded within it so your viewer can enjoy and learn with that one file. Our medical artists can design a two panel or 3 panel front and back with all the key points you need. Another way to arrange your information is to do a digital flipbook, as exemplified by our digital brochure.

Front with pull-tabs extended


Poster Presentation Illustrations

3FX has the digital skills and design principles that you will need to create an effective presentation poster. After considering your topic, audience and end use, the composition is carefully laid out with balance. Our medical artist will craft each medical illustration within the poster will be scientifically accurate and beautifully rendered.  

Lenticular Cards

3FX’s services do not end at medical illustration and animation services. We can create lenticular and holographic images to show depth and motion. Lenticular images are graphic files that go through a process called “interlacing”. An interlaced image is made up of repeating slices to create a 3D effect or animation. We can create this with multiple medical illustrations, or a sequence of still frames extracted from a medical animation. Lenticular cards are great ways to showcase your hero molecule or even the logo of your company.





Marketing Materials/ Website/ Social Media Illustrations

3FX understands the importance of strategic social media marketing. Our skilled medical illustrator and animator can create stunning, multi-channel content branded to your corporate identity. Each illustration and animation can be formatted and delivered for various web and social media platforms. The end goal is to make an impression and catch the eye of your target audience. A Digital medical illustration can be an asset that you use company wide whether it is for an investor deck or a banner for the website or even a post on LinkedIn to draw more followers.