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Pioneering Medical Animation

3FX translates complex molecular and cellular processes into clearly understandable dynamic visualizations for medical device animation, pharmacology animation & healthcare animation. Our biomedical animators have the experience, expertise, and solutions to clarify and communicate your scientific message.

3FX is a creative Medical Animation studio that develops solutions for your healthcare communication content requirements for the education and marketing of complex disease states such as MOD/MOA, treatment processes, research technology platforms, and medical device procedures. 3FX Medical Animations are used to educate physicians, specialists, and patient audiences through visual communication.

Our “animate to educate” philosophy results in fulfilling our client’s toughest challenge – clearly and concisely conveying complex science and medical processes. No matter the therapeutic area, 3FX has the experience, expertise, and solutions to clarify and communicate your scientific message through 3D medical animation.

The digital nature of 3D animated content expands the ability to repurpose visuals for uses in multiple mediums across multiple channels. An initial medical animation project can be cost-effectively modified for use within a large variety of presentation applications. 3FX clients realize a positive return on investment when individual frames are rendered in high resolution for use in print materials such as brochures, congress booth graphics, annual reports, exam room posters, etc., and when elements of an animation are reused as part of an interactive experience, or in AR/VR.

Our work spans the full range of highly specialized therapeutic areas at the molecular and cellular levels of medical visualization, including content developed in the following therapeutic areas: